About Us

Pixel Toys create beautiful, rewarding entertainment experiences.

About Us

Pixel Toys create beautiful, rewarding entertainment experiences.

The Mission

We find the themes that global audiences can engage with, and reinvent them into exciting new experiences which are graphically rich and provide gripping and rewarding gameplay. Our game environments are beautifully realised, our game characters detailed and believable, and our audio and visual effects as rich as players will have come to expect from their most beloved releases. We create superior entertainment for mobile, tablet and VR audiences, games which players feel are great value and are excited to play.

The founders bring over 30 years combined experience leading the development of premium videogame projects on a variety of consoles, personal computers and handheld devices. Together with an exceptional senior team, the studio’s vision is to produce truly ground breaking mobile entertainment.

Meet the founders

Andy loves games. He’s been playing them for over thirty years and notched up credits on more than 30 in the last decade and a half, most recently for companies like Codemasters and Activision.

He’s worked in diverse roles including Chief Game Designer, Global Brand Manager, Head of Digital Platforms and many other senior roles across game development and publishing, always as a champion for innovation and quality.

As well as being a lifelong gamer, he’s a movie fan, a tech junkie and sci-fi geek. He dislikes muggles, spilling things on keyboards and standing on Lego.

Alex loves games. He’s been playing games for as long as he can remember, even back before disk drives when you had to load from tape or type the entire game in yourself first by hand.

Alex has been developing games for well over a decade, beginning his career at Rare before co-founding FreeStyleGames in 2002. Alex left FreeStyle in order to found Pixel Toys and use his console development experience to bring high quality entertainment experiences to a wider audience.

Alex is a big fan of console games – shooters, action & adventure games. He’s a big fan of indie games, and mobile games. Pretty much any video games really!

Latest from Facebook

Today we’re excited to share with you news about the latest update coming to Freeblade!

Introducing the Bonecrusher Update, which includes a brand new devastating weapon; the Graviton Gun. Found in the Bonecrusher Pack, this one of a kind weapon manipulates the gravity around your enemies and, as the name suggests, literally crushes their bones under the weight of your fury!

Additionally, we’d like to thank each and every one of our players for their continued support by awarding you the Bastion Livery free of charge. This livery will give you a chance to increase your damage by 3% for three seconds after each kill.

We can’t wait to see the destruction you bring to your enemies with this brand-new update, and remember; in the grim dark future there is only war.
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Pixel Toys had some temporary new employees on Friday for "Bring Your Dog to Work Day"! Read about their adventures here:

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