Pixel Toys’ ongoing support for Freeblade continues with the new ‘Fortification’ update, coming out on Thursday 10th February. This update allows players to burn enemies of the Imperium using the new lightning cannon weapon. Take a look!



Here’s what you can expect in full:

  • NEW LIGHTNING CANNON WEAPON: The Lightning Cannon is here. Bring ruin to the enemies of the Imperium with a mighty, fulminating torrent of lightning!
  • NEW DAILY REWARD SYSTEM: Come back every day for a new reward. Earn even more rewards with higher loyalty ranks!
  • NEW EVENTS: Keep an eye out for new events such as the ‘Lightning Event’ in this update to earn unique item sets for the best Knights!
  • NEW END-GAME OBJECTIVES: Hungry for more enemies to destroy? New objectives have been added for missions in Chapters 9 and 10!
  • REBALANCED ECONOMY: There are now more ways to earn ore, gold and wargear!