The best-looking, best-playing shooter on mobile stomps onto Google Play and can be downloaded here right now!


For any acolytes who might not be aware of what the game is about, here’s a quick recap:


  • Play as a massive Imperial Knight war machine in a visceral and authentic representation of Games Workshop’s dark Warhammer 40,000 universe.
  • Wield weapons with unparalleled destructive capabilities using slick, responsive and intuitive ‘tap to shoot’ control system designed for mobile.
  • Dispatch heretics and alien scum in an epic story comprising over 170 intense single player missions.
  • Massive crafting system lets you forge legendary weapons and armour – melt enemies to slag with a Melta Gun, rip apart towering behemoths with the Thunderstrike Gauntlet and much, much more.
  • Extensive customisation allows you to capture the feeling of painting your own miniatures – share your awesome war machine with friends
  • Play new, unique missions and compete against other Freeblades around the world every day for powerful legendary wargear – now with cross-platform play!


But as the old saying goes, trailers speak louder than words and we have a new one to show you all:

The Android version contains all 170 action-packed missions to play through from launch. Hope you all enjoy it!