Drop Dead: Dual Strike Update!


Thank you for the kind words and suggestions since the launch of Drop Dead Dual Strike!

We really appreciate the feedback we’ve received and are happy to announce an update for Dual Strike, that takes on board many of your suggestions.

Improved reloading

We received feedback that the reloading action (lowering and pointing your touch controller to the floor) required too much precision, particularly when you’re about to be chewed on by a group of Z’s!

We’ve reworked this to be more forgiving now, so players can reload quicker and get back into the action.

Increased guardian boundaries

We’ve increased the gameplay boundaries, so you can move further in all directions, without hitting the edge of your guardian setup.

Picking up and throwing items is now easier

We’ve made it easier to pick up items at a distance, to ensure you can grab that throwing axe before the Z’s overwhelm you!

We’ve also made it easier to throw items, so you no longer have to watch items disappointingly fall to the floor right by your feet.

Expressive avatars

Dual Strike now supports Oculus’ new expressive avatars! This means that in multiplayer, we now support lipsyncing and eye tracking for the multiplayer avatars.

General performance and visual improvements

We’ve worked hard on further optimising Dual Strike for Rift and Quest so that it runs better on both devices. Not only does the game perform better, but it also looks better too!

Bug fixes

We’ve also squashed lots of bugs that we’ve discovered and the community highlighted to us. Including (but not limited to):

    • Fixed an issue where the game failed to boot if the user isn’t wearing the headset.


    • Fixed an issue where the game becomes unresponsive if the player dies while transitioning to a new position in comfort mode.


    • Fixed an issue whereby sometimes the HUD would disappear if the player stepped out of bounds of the play area.


    • Fixed a potential progression blocker during a mission in timeline 2.


    • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where a player may disconnect after removing and refitting headset.


    • Fixed an issue where an invitation to a multiplayer room could appear multiple times.


    • Fixed an issue where points bonus wasn’t awarded during the final mission in timeline 3.


    • Removed an exploit allowing players to reload their gun faster than intended by quickly holstering and un-holstering.


    • Fixed an issue whereby sticky grenades would pass straight through zombies.


    • Fixed an issue whereby Big Pete would sometimes not attack civilians.


  • Fixed an issue with ambient audio sometimes not playing in the prologue.