Drop Dead Timeline 2 Released

Aside from moving offices, we’ve also released a massive free update for Drop Dead which doubles the number of missions, adds matchmaking, new zombies, new weapons… and much more.

Here’s what some of our players have said about the new update:

“Best VR game I’ve ever played! … more levels, more weapons, more zombies, and more fun! It doesn’t feel like a phone app. It feels like a legitimate console game!” *****

“Brilliant … great fun very polished! the latest update has added more to the game with more levels and more zombies… great job.” *****

“Awesome and Brilliant … the game is even better now than before with more stuff to enjoy. Thank you Pixel team for the hard work :)” *****

Check it out here!

…and we’re by no means finished with work on Drop Dead as we work on the third climactic timeline… and more. Watch this space!