Four legged friends join the Pixel Toys team!

Last Friday, we welcomed some new employees to the Pixel Toys office.

Rather than continuing our trend of hiring humans, we decided dogs might offer a more positive workplace.

In the photo above you can see our new IT Manager Woody (top left) waiting in reception for his induction. We figured four paws will double productivity.

Evie (bottom left) is already welcoming guests with boundless enthusiasm as our new Office Manager.

Narla (top right) is deep in contemplation as she considers how to fix a critical bug assigned to her on her first day!

Kayla, Polly and Walter (bottom right) can be seen enjoying a well-deserved lunch break during a tough first shift.

We think our new employees have fit in fantastically, and we hope we can have another bring your dog to work day so we can welcome them back soon!

Bring your Dog to Work Day is a fantastic charity fundraising initiative by Hownd. You can find out more about the brilliant charities funds go towards here.