Our first game Gunfinger had over half a million downloads in its first week

Our second game Warhammer 40k Freeblade had over 3 Million downloads in its first week and won Apple’s best Iphone Game and featured on stage at the last 2 Apple keynotes. It also won Google Play’s most beautiful game award.

Imagine what our third and fourth games will achieve, and you could be a vital part of them.

Pixel Toys is looking for a highly talented, dependable and driven Game Designer. Someone who’s ready to step up and take responsibility for owning a game’s core gameplay and balancing it, all the while collaborating with the team to deliver beyond expectations. We need someone with the passion and skill set to create the most entertaining games possible.

Our ideal candidate is a creative problem solver. Someone who seeks collaboration across disciplines, has exceptional organisation and communication skills, and always shows high levels of enthusiasm and craft for creating great games.

As a key team player responsible for product quality, you’ll work closely with the game team, discipline leads and stakeholders, helping to drive the vision from concept to completion.

This is an opportunity to join a growing developer at an exciting time in the company’s development, and to work on innovative titles that push the limits of the latest mobile, VR and AR hardware.

We’ll provide you with a flexible and fun environment, and give you the opportunity to add your own ideas to the mix to help create the most enjoyable games possible.

Please note due the requirements of this role we can only accept people with atleast 3 years experience in games development and released mobile and F2P titles.

Location – Leamington Spa

Duties and responsibilities:

  • To hone gameplay mechanics, unit abilities and powers and balance them in order to create worldclass gameplay.
  • Running user sessions to gather anecdotal feedback. Once the game is live, to work with the analytics team to balance the game using data.
  • Support the game vision across the team and help to champion all features, content, meta-systems and gameplay, ensuring these are developed to the highest possible standard.
  • Liaise regularly with project leads to ensure the design and direction of the project is on track and in line with the expectation of stakeholders.
  • Meet regularly with the wider development team to guide implementation. Provide detailed and specific feedback to elevate feature work to target quality levels and drive iterative improvements.
  • Collaborate in brainstorming and paper prototyping sessions.
  • Be proactive and demonstrate responsibility for delivering designs and work to the highest possible standard.
  • Be on the pulse with the latest community and influencer developments and support customer communication strategies.
  • Support requests from the Senior Management Team / Design Director, that may occasionally fall outside of normal duties.


  • Implement and balance multiplayer content / core systems and unit gameplay using Unity and external tools.
  • Implement and script AI and single player content.
  • Write required game narrative / text and add localisation to the game.
  • Help define, script and iterate level content when necessary.
  • Support production by breaking down assigned tasks and giving accurate estimates during planning sessions.
  • Support the Lead Game Designer using agreed work flows.
  • Create detailed design specifications, including but not limited to:
    • Metagame progression and rewarding core/game loop(s)
    • Retention and monetisation features
    • UX approach, UI wireframes and screen flows
    • Onboarding / FTUE
    • Analytic requirements
    • Core gameplay systems and interface
    • Level content, story and narrative
  • Support the UX design, ensuring all player-facing elements are well defined, flow effectively and efficiently, and gameplay and key systems are introduced in an engaging manner.
  • Prototype creation
  • Maintain awareness of commercial goals and project constraints, tailoring solutions accordingly.
  • Drive and offer solutions to enhance retention and monetisation KPIs.
  • Ensure the output of team meetings is captured in detail, ensuring any actions for which you are responsible for are completed by agreed dates.
  • Proactively work with the analytics team to identify areas of investigation relating to a game’s KPIs and iterate the game design based on data analysis.
  • Identify potential areas of the design to A/B test.


Ideally you will have most or all of the following:

  • The passion to create the best games that push at the boundaries of what’s possible on mobile, VR and AR.
  • A proactive self-starter who takes responsibility for ensuring quality.
  • Able to tailor solutions to the realities of production, breaking large features down into efficient iterative steps, and maintaining a backup plan at all times.
  • Experience designing one or more published free-to-play titles – able to demonstrate a key role within the development of those titles.
  • Be well versed in the latest free-to-play design methods.
  • A deep understanding of metagame design, specifically regarding progression, retention and reward mechanics.
  • A thorough understanding of developing gameplay, features and content from the ground up through iterative development.
  • Experience collaborating within a close knit team and able to take critical feedback in your stride.
  • Experienced in working alongside analytics and monetisation teams to improve KPIs and player satisfaction through data driven design.
  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in written form to all levels within the organisation.
  • Possess strong analytical skills and creative skills.
  • Proficiency with MS Office / Google Docs or a comparable package for the creation of design documentation and spreadsheets.
  • Proficiency with mindmap, flowchart and visualisation software.
  • Show an interest in psychology, user behaviour and cognitive science.
  • An avid games player across different genres and platforms.
  • A recognised university degree with a final grade of 2:1 or higher relevant to game development.

We’ll be really pleased if you have:

  • A good understanding of Agile / SCRUM development, experience writing stories and acceptance criteria.
  • Presentation and layout skills, using PowerPoint or a similar package.
  • Confidence in articulating ideas, analysis and results to groups of 30+ people.
  • Unity scripting skills and / or knowledge of C#.
  • Experience creating and shipping Unity titles.
  • Experience developing on iOS, Android.
  • Experience creating and shipping VR titles.
  • Created innovative levels and really fun experiences as either part of University coursework or personal projects.


Pixel Toys is an award-winning developer situated in the heart of the beautiful Regency town of Leamington Spa.

The company works on games that are played and loved by millions of gamers across the world, pushes what’s technically and visually possible on mobile and is creating pioneering titles in the emerging VR and AR spaces.

We are a growing company and recently moved into a new completely refurbished custom spec. office in the centre of Leamington Spa.


  • Work in a flexible environment.
  • Help define the studio culture and values.
  • Create genre-leading, award winning titles.
  • Collaborate and share ideas on how to push the quality of all our titles.


  • Pay a competitive salary, negotiable based on experience.
  • Provide pension, healthcare, and childcare schemes.
  • Commit to a great bonus scheme.
  • Provide regular activities like pub and cinema nights as well a team building events.
  • Commit to adding additional benefits as we grow.

How To Apply

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