Gunfinger 1.5 is here!

The Massive Gunfinger 1.5 Update Arrives!

Are you ready to continue the Gunfinger adventure in the most challenging missions to date? Grab yourself one of the new weapons and come check out what’s new in the 1.5 update to Gunfinger!

The most commonly received e-mail we get from our players is ‘when are you adding new content to the game?’ Well, here it is! This is what’s new and improved:


New Levels

Track Doctor Monday through the tunnels! There’s all kinds of weird stuff lurking for you down here – ropes to rappel down, zombombs, mine carts with minds of their own… oh my!

These are by far the toughest missions in the game yet – you’ll need the biggest, baddest guns and perfect skills to survive and grab three stars in these missions! Speaking of which…

New Weapons

F1NBIGGUNDoc Monday’s stepped up his game and so has the top-secret NE1 agency. These new energy weapons are the deadliest ones yet, atomising zombies with ease. They also look totally rad… here’s the F1-N ‘Big Gun’ shotgun weapon. I mean, just look at this thing!! IT HAS LIGHTNING COURSING ROUND IT WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT



New Zombies

These miners couldn’t escape Doc Monday’s deadly virus… now they’re out for your brains! Look out for their hard hats and pickaxes that’ll deflect your shots and dig you an early grave.


New Online Challenges!

GlobalChallange_Selection_ImageYou can now play Daily Challenges in the Mines! There’s all sorts of things hiding in here, from drive-by target shooting to larger mini boss zombies.

To celebrate the holiday season, we’ve also got a special new Global Challenge – more details on this will follow once Saint Quack makes his arrival!

Improved Sniper Rifle Gameplay

ScopeZoomedWe’ve heard all of your feedback and have improved this – the Sniper Rifle is much easier to use now!

The biggest change we’ve made to this is that you no longer have to zoom the sniper rifle in fully to fire a shot, making it much easier to deal with Z’s that get in your face. This also makes it way easier and less frustrating to shoot down incoming spit and rockets! 



Rebalanced Gadgets


We’ve rebalanced the gadgets to increase the effectiveness of some of the less commonly used ones.


Head Poppers now last significantly longer and explode for more damage, Double Damage now lasts for longer and Grenades are even more painful to the zombie hordes!



Need more help? Get some tips!

If you get stuck on the new, super challenging missions then you might want to check out a cool new site set up by a couple of dedicated GunFinger fans at – got any tips of your own? Contact them and help them out!