Gunfinger Friday Tip – 10th October 2014

It’s time for this week’s Friday Tip! Come back each week to find out the best ways to take out the Z’s and foil Doc Monday’s evil schemes.

Today we’re going to look at ZOMBIE TYPES!

Doc Monday’s virus has created several different strains of zombies. Let’s look at each one and work out their strengths and weaknesses!


"Ooh, look! Some brains!"



Your everyday, bog-standard shamblin’ Z. Has no notable powers beyond ‘dying again really quickly’ although they’ll still take a bite out of you if they get close or surprise you. Go for the head and this zombie shouldn’t last long!





A little known factoid about these zombies is that they can burp the alphabet with unerring accuracyBIG ‘UN:


Although these Z’s are pretty slow, they take a lot to put down and will usually shield their weaker, more flesh-deprived brethren. You’re generally best advised to go for them last, or try and catch them in barrel explosions, grenade blasts and head pops.





For some reason, fans of power metal stand the highest chance of turning into Runner Z's.



Although they’re pretty fragile, these zombies can really move! They like to jump around a lot which is one of the few things that slows them down – this is your chance to strike! Once you get used to their rapid movement, it’ll become easier to get headshots on them.





No, we don't know how they spit through that hazmat suit. It's best not to think about it.SPITTER Z:


On their own, these guys aren’t too bad. They’ll lob chunks of toxic green waste at you after uh… ‘composing’ themselves. The real danger comes with other zombies, where other threats distract you from them – don’t give them a chance to fire at you!

If you’re feeling very brave (or if you’ve run out of options), you can try a very well-timed melee swipe to pop the waste before it hits you, but don’t rely on this!




By far and away the zombie type with the most attractive teethROCKET Z:


Yeesh, as if the spitter wasn’t bad enough! Doc Monday has strapped rocket launcher packs on the back of these Z’s – and he’s accounted for the zombie’s general lack of intelligence and accuracy by making the rockets home in on you!

Most rocket zombies will fire two rockets at a time before moving on – once you’ve shot them both down, you can concentrate your fire on the rocket zombie. As with spitters, try and take them down before you get overwhelmed.

An interesting side effect to the rocket zombies is that they’re almost as much of a threat to their undead comrades as they are to you – shooting rockets down (or letting them smack into other zombies) can actually really help you out!



EYE would watch out for these!!TITAN Z:


These collosal zombies are the biggest thing Doctor Monday’s created to date – we don’t have much data on them yet. If you find one, make sure you’ve got a Double Damage gadget equipped or you’re going to be in big trouble!





As the virus mutates and Doc Monday infects more victims, who knows what other zombies might appear in future updates…!

Got any other tips for taking these zombies out? Let us know!