Gunfinger Friday Tip – 17th October 2014

It’s time for this week’s Friday Tip! Come back each week to find out the best ways to take out the Z’s and foil Doc Monday’s evil schemes.

Today we’re going to look at WEAPONS!

There are four weapon types in the game that you’ll switch between on your GunFinger adventures:




What pistols lack in raw firepower, they make up for by being super accurate. An aimed headshot with this will drop almost any zombie – so make sure you’re good at pulling them off!

A good tip for doing this is to keep track of the zombie’s head bobbing – there’s usually a pattern to it, so you can tap and hold to line up a shot in readiness and as soon as they shamble into your sights, release your finger and admire your ‘hand’iwork!





Boy oh boy do these cause a big mess. This is a big part of the appeal with using the shotgun though! If you can, wait for the zombies to close in so you can deal maximum damage… but keep an eye on your clip! Shotguns have small clips and you can get into real trouble if you have to reload whilst a zombie’s eating you – don’t forget to use melee!

You can also zoom in to control the shotgun’s spread – this is a great way to remove limbs from a zombie. Try it on downed zombies for bonus points!





Tap and hold to unleash a unstoppable bullet frenzy.

Okay, okay, there is a little more finesse to it than that. Try and get into the habit of using short, controlled taps to take out distant bonus objects or get accurate headshots on approaching enemies.






Arguably the trickiest weapon to use – but the reward for an accurate headshot is that you will take down any zombie bar the mighty Titan zombies; and even they’ll definitely feel the pain!

Our advice is to upgrade your Clip as quickly as possible to recover from any misses you get. Beyond that, it’s all about having a good eye for landing those hits – lead your targets if they’re moving quickly!

The Sniper Rifle also has the unique property of being the only weapon to fire shots that go through multiple zombies. Struggling to take out a huge swarm of zombies? Try and get a twofer!