Gunfinger Friday Tip – 24th October 2014

It’s time for this week’s Friday Tip! Come back each week to find out the best ways to take out the Z’s and foil Doc Monday’s evil schemes.

Today we’re going to look at SCORING!




In order to gain clearance to challenge the harder missions, you’ll need to unlock more stars by getting higher scores in missions.


Look out for the ‘Target Score’ before you start a mission. This will tell you what you need to get to earn three stars in a mission.

Note that if you’ve already got three stars in a mission, this will tell you what your current best score is.


How do you get three stars in a mission? Read on!


Get combos!

ComboStartInterstitialTaking out the zombies is the best way to increase your combo, and each zombie you kill increases your multiplier by one. You have about three seconds to take out something else before your combo expires and is banked – try to make sure you can bag a kill in that time!


Sometimes though, there won’t be any zombies around – they’ll either be slow to crawl out or you’ll be moving into the best position to take them down. What do you do then?


Hit bonus objects!


Did you know you can shoot bonus objects in the background to keep your combo rolling and earn even more points?

Keep an eye out for buckets, ducks, cans and bottles!





Go out on a limb!


Sure you can just shoot a zombie ‘til it’s dead, but the highest scoring players are being artistic in their zombie slaying!

You’ll get bonus points for taking off a zombie’s head, arms and legs – give it a try!







Don’t get hit!


Well, duh.


But in addition to slicing off your health, getting hit will also end your combo straight away – so make sure you’re not too busy lining up those headshots and rubber ducks that you miss the zombie right in front of you!





Use gadgets!

I'm glad you're inspecting these alt tags!

Gadgets will really help you out for getting maximum points – for example, grenades are great at racking up huge multipliers and energy drinks will ensure you can reload quickly enough to keep your combo rolling.





Level up!



As you level your agent up, your maximum combo multiplier will increase, up to a maximum of x10 (for now).

If you’re struggling to get past a mission, you can always return to an old mission and use your new found weapons and level to make light work of the score targets.