Gunfinger Friday Tip – 3rd October 2014

It’s time for this week’s Friday Tip! Come back each week to find out the best ways to take out the Z’s and foil Doc Monday’s evil schemes.

Today we’re going to look at GADGETS: 

There’s five gadgets (currently) available to NE1 agents. Keep progressing through the game to unlock more… and don’t forget to upgrade them to make them even more powerful!

But what’s the best way to use them?




As long as your grenade upgrades keep pace with your level, your grenades will destroy pretty much every zombie on the screen – bigger zombies might need a few more shots to finish them off.

You can either keep these for when you get overwhelmed… or you can use them to quickly build up huge combos or score loads of points in the ‘Dismemberment’ Global Challenge! Elite agents will also work out the best time to use these when running between stages…






Drinking one of these won’t actually slow down time. That would be ridiculous – there’s no such thing as quantum caffeine. What it DOES do is slow down your perception of time and speed up your actions, allowing you to gain the edge on taking down swarms of zombies or letting you reload more quickly when you’re in a jam.

Advanced players can still use these to gain an advantage – rather than dropping your combo on a reload, pop an energy drink, reload and shoot a bonus object such as a tin can or bottle to keep it rolling and earn those stars!





This specially calibrated ammo temporarily inflates zombie necrocranial matter. When you defeat a zombie with this ammo, their head will actually pop and deal damage to other nearby zombies.

When used against zombies that are closely packed together, these can be even more lethal than grenades and score even more points. Again, these are great for Dismemberment challenges!

Also, they’re hilarious to use.





You don’t need me to explain what this does, right?

If you’re using underpowered weapons, this can be a great gadget to help you take out the Z’s – especially fat zombies and boss zombies. Try this on ‘Fall of a Titan’ and take the Titan down before you can say “Where is the cat in Gunfinger hidden?”






Low on coins? Remember to use this to maximise your income!

This can also be used to help maintain combos (especially with the particularly wealthy big zombies) and is the de facto gadget for ‘Coin Collection’ Global Challenges!




SHIEL- wait we’ve not released this one yet!

Oops! Almost gave that one away…


Don’t forget that the premium weapons allow you to take two gadgets into a mission which can give you a huge edge!

What gadgets do you take into a mission?