Gunfinger Friday Tip – 7th November 2014

It’s time for this week’s Friday Tip! Come back each week to find out the best ways to take out the Z’s and foil Doc Monday’s evil schemes.

Today we’re going to look at TARGET MISSIONS!

These missions are a nice change of pace from taking out Z’s, but you’ll need to be concentrating to make sure you don’t miss a target and fail the mission!


Take aim

TargetsFirst of all, get used to tapping and holding to aim in on the targets – you get a ton of extra points for hitting the bullseye, and it makes it much easier to hit more distant targets.

Note that this is slightly less important in missions where you need to hit all of the targets – it’s always better to get a target down than to miss it!





Time your reloads

TargetReloadAbout to take out the last target? You’ve usually got a precious second or so between target waves to reload – take it out and reload!

Hey, whilst we’re on that subject…




Upgrade your guns


Keep finding yourself out of ammo? Upgrade your clip!

Sights and Clips are the best upgrades to go for with target missions.





TargetPriorityTry and pay attention to the order that targets pop out in, and the colour of the target’s ring.

Red targets are not going to stick around for long, whereas blue targets are a little more chilled and can generally be shot to ribbons last.







Practice, practice, practice

Targets generally pop up in the same place, so if you fail, try and remember which target you missed and keep practising!



LillyL_Angry_LargeLilly-Lane will destroy you.







Don’t do it.