Gunfinger Friday Tip – 26th September 2014

Starting today we’ll have a regular Friday tip for you! Come back each week to find out the best ways to take out the Z’s and foil Doc Monday’s evil schemes.

Today we’re going to look at WEAPON MODS!

These are introduced in the new 1.4 version of Gunfinger as rewards for participation in the Online Challenge modes. If you don’t have 1.4 yet – and why on earth not?! – head to the App Store and grab it now!

You can win weapon mods by placing in the top 40{0fa25a18e1aeded3bf8988d1d14a6d8db865b8888251a1477640d7fc86414ee7} of a Global or Daily Challenge leaderboard.

The higher you place, the more you’ll win, so make sure you put in the best performance you can and keep checking back to make sure you’re still the top agent!

Get into the top 1{0fa25a18e1aeded3bf8988d1d14a6d8db865b8888251a1477640d7fc86414ee7} for massive bonuses!  See? Top 1{0fa25a18e1aeded3bf8988d1d14a6d8db865b8888251a1477640d7fc86414ee7} get the best rewards!

Got a weapon mod? Then you need to apply it to your weapon. Tap on ‘WEAPONS’ as you normally would, then select the weapon you want to upgrade:

When you apply mods to a weapon, you'll upgrade them to '+' status. That means you're awesome!

You’ll notice the ‘WEAPON MODS’ panel on the right hand side. Select this and you now have four new ways to upgrade your weapon – with a full set of weapon mods, not even the mighty Titan Z’s can stand before you!

Looking for the secret cat? Look closely on the mission selection screen...

What weapon mods have you all been investing in so far?