Saint Quack’s Festive Challenge

Happy Holidays, Pixel Toys fans! As ‘tis the season, we’ve started a new Global Challenge to celebrate the festivities.


Introducing… Saint Quack!




The saintly rubber duck has dropped off a whole heap of presents for enterprising agents to shoot, as well as special commemorative Saint Quack licensed replica ducks with 100{0fa25a18e1aeded3bf8988d1d14a6d8db865b8888251a1477640d7fc86414ee7} authentic Jolly Quack action! 

Here’s what they look like in the field:








Very festive!


GlobalChallange_Selection_ImageIn the spirit of giving, Saint Quack’s offered even more goodies for a special festive Global Challenge – break open as many presents and tag Saint Quacks (with bullets) to contribute!


What’s in Saint Quack’s sack of goodies? Well, the top 1{0fa25a18e1aeded3bf8988d1d14a6d8db865b8888251a1477640d7fc86414ee7} of players will walk away with a massive *75* weapon mods!









As with any other Global Challenge, keep your eye out for critical missions that will award you more points!

So good luck with the Global Challenge and we hope you enjoy the holiday season with Gunfinger!