Strike Club Charity Bowling

On Thursday the 24th of May Pixel Toys took to the lanes for Strike Club, a charity bowling event which raises money every year for two fantastic charities, Special Effect and Maggie’s.

As well as Pixel Toys, the London based event held host to dozens of prominent mobile game developers and publishers from around the UK.

With 32 teams of four competing for the top spot, we managed to respectfully reach the top 16 and the semifinals. We deny any correlation between the consumption of Mojitos and our steadily decreasing bowling performance.

Strike Club managed to raise an outstanding £30,000 for Special Effect and Maggie’s on the night, and we’re proud to be amongst those who contributed.

You can find out more about the great work (and fun!) Strike Club do every year here.

Special Effect help people with physical disabilities play video games. They manage this by developing groundbreaking technology such as eye-controlled joypads. Find out more here.

Maggie’s provide fantastic bespoke centres for people suffering from cancer, with facilities that offer the very best in cancer treatment. Find out more here.