The Adventure Continues!

Gunfinger 1.6 is Here!


Strike at the heart of Doctor Monday’s operations in the new Sewers environment over 17 incredibly challenging new levels that will push your skills and weapons to the very limit!

Let’s get straight to it – what’s new in this version?

New Environment

GF1point6_Sewers_leveThe search for Billy-Bob continues into the sewers – the very heart of Doctor Monday’s operations. No punches are pulled here as the Doc will do everything in his power to prevent you from catching up to him across 17 insane levels; Board a sewer barge! Defeat a robot invasion! Prevent a massive duckpocalypse!






New Zombie Class

blog_post_riot_zombieDoc Monday’s drafted in his own elite zombie guard and given them huge shields to defend against your attacks – either go for the arms or make sure you’re REALLY good at getting your shots through that small slot! Or perhaps you could drop a grenade at their feet…






BlogPost_1point6_shield_gadgetNew Gadget

The zombies aren’t the only ones with increased defensive capabilities… introducing The Shield! This will absorb zombie rockets and spit without breaking a sweat and with some upgrades, it can even protect you from some melee swipes.







Blog_post_1point6_SECRETBOSSNew… Boss?!

Doctor Monday isn’t going to give up easily. Prepare to meet his most horrific creation to date…







Good luck to all NE1 agents with the new missions – let us know how you get on with them on our Facebook and Twitter pages!