Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade – Update 1.2 Titanic Clash coming 17 December 2015 !

Having recently been selected as part of Apple’s ‘Best of 2015’ awards for the the Best game on iPhone 6s on the US App Store (and in several other regions/categories), we are proud to announce that Update 1.2 TITANIC CLASH is coming to iPhones and iPads near you on December 17th 2015.


Update highlights :

  • NEW CHAPTER ADDED: TITANIC CLASH: Face off against an Ork Mek mastermind in 15 new missions and objectives.
  • NEW ENEMY: The Ork Mek brings with him the Morkanaut unit, equipped with a deadly mega-kannon!
  • PLAYER PROFILE ADDED: View your stats, compare with your friends and rename your Knight
  • LEVEL CAP INCREASED: Battle to Level 45 and acquire powerful new Wargear, including 15 new named Epic & Legendary items!
  • NEW PHOTO MODE ADDED: New controls to zoom in closer and inspect your Knight, tools to share photos of your Knight with friends
  • IMPROVED GRAPHICS AND EFFECTS: The battlefield has never felt so visceral; we’ve created a visually richer Freeblade experience. Weapons glow hot, smoke bellows from your Knight, and weapons impacts and explosions dazzle
  • REBALANCED MISSIONS: We’ve lowered the difficulty of some notoriously challenging missions and reduced entry requirements of some chapter gates.
  • HUGE NUMBER OF BUG FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS: Many reported bugs are now purged and we’ve overhauled many parts of the game for a smoother experience.