Welcome to Our New Office

Just before the Christmas break, Pixel Toys moved into its new purpose-built office, situated in the middle of Leamington Spa. We’ve got some photos to share with you and I think you’ll agree it’s looking pretty swanky!

Welcome to the office, now with a reception and fancy sign.


Arguably the most important area of the office – the kitchen. This provides the company with all important tea, coffee and hot chocolate; which, as we all know, is the primary fuel of games developers.


Recently delivered, the pool table provides a few moments relaxation… or fiercely competitive post-work tournaments, depending on who you ask.

Pool table

Here’s the Huddle area where we provide game demos, stream presentations and where we ultimately hope to have the office games consoles set up!

Huddle area

New and improved meeting rooms! We can stream latest playable builds here to get all-important feedback from the team. (oh also production schedules and budget spreadsheets).

meeting room 1
meeting room 2

Here’s the main floor where the magic happens and games get made!

main floor

Check out our mural! We’ve got a bit of every single game or worked on in there. Can you spot them all? Bonus points if you can identify the characters from each!


As we go into 2017, we’ve got big plans for Pixel Toys and hope to make some very exciting announcement about what we’re working on soon!